Best Natural Oils to Stimulate Hair Growth

Best Natural Oils to Stimulate Hair Growth 1
Hair loss and baldness happens for a variety of reasons, and since some of these reasons, like your genetic programming, cannot be helped by any external lotions or creams, nor any supplements, it would be a waste of time and money to spend a fortune on rubbing a variety of compounds into your scalp, or to fill your body with equally expensive supplements.

Age also plays its part in the balding arena and so do fevers, high stress levels, illness, thyroid problems etc.

Tricologists, people studying tricology – the science of hair growth – have used various ingredients to help hair growth along, but some have also taken note of the effect that certain essential oils can have on regenerating hair follicles to a certain extent.

For those suffering from hair loss problems, you can find natural products that are less expensive and have a better success rate. Familiarize yourself with the different essential oils and their uses. The key to success with essential oils in hair growth is persistence. It may take up to seven months to see results, so don’t give up too soon.

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Hair Growth Essential Oils contain :

Rosemary Oil is often used in shampoo. Rosemary has the ability to stimulate the hair follicles, which results in hair growth. Rosemary helps hair grow not only longer, but stronger.

Jojoba Oil has the ability to loosen and remove crusted build up on the scalp. This build up is known to block hair follicles and inhibit hair growth.

Lavender Oil is used for many purposes one of which is hair loss. Several smaller studies have shown that individuals suffering from alopecia (hair loss) who massaged their heads daily with lavender and other essential oils had significant hair re-growth over the course of seven months.

Thyme Oil is used to promote hair growth by improving circulation to the scalp through massage. Thyme provides hair with shine, luster and bounce.

Coconut Oil is excellent for nourishing hair and helping it have a beautiful shine. Massaging coconut oil into the scalp ensures that the hair is free of lice, lice eggs and dandruff and helps with the nourishment and re-growth of damaged hair.

This oil blend must be gently rubbed onto the scalp once a day at night before going to bed. Pay special attention to the bald spots but work through your entire scalp.

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2 thoughts on “Best Natural Oils to Stimulate Hair Growth

    • Dear Sir,

      Hair loss has multiple potential causes, including diet,
      mineral deficiency, medications, severe stress or illness,
      pollution, and your genetics.

      Limit your use of hair dryers. Heat weakens hair proteins.
      Constant heating and drying can lead to brittleness.

      Cut down on dyes and chemicals and Wash hair with mild shampoo.

      Gently rubbed the hair growth oil onto the scalp once or twice a day.
      In general, there is a very good chance that the hair will grow back
      within 30 days.

      The normal rate of growth which 1/2 inch per month.

      Thank you

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