Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil For Skin, Hair And Health


Reduce Puffiness and Wrinkles With Castor Oil

Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Castor oil has a number of benefits for the face, particularly where moisturizing and healing are concerned. People for centuries have been rubbing small drops of the oil onto the sensitive skin around the eyes to reduce puffiness and wrinkles, and it works as an all-over moisturizer, too, often leaving the face looking supple and refreshed. 

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Acne sufferers often report that it reduces breakouts, and dermatologists sometimes recommend it as a natural way to reduce the appearance of scars and other facial blemishes. Some people also use it to thicken eyebrows, eyelashes, and facial hair.

Castor oil is sometimes recommended as a way to reduce the appearance of scars. Scar tissue is usually made up of dense, tough cells that are designed to protect the injured skin from exposure, but it also tends to be somewhat unsightly, particularly when it’s on the face.

Castor oil tends to yield very slow results, but in most cases they are long lasting. With continued use over time, the oil’s own fatty acids can seep into the scar tissue, plumping it, revitalizing it, and promoting the growth of healthy tissues around it. This usually has the effect of diminishing the look of the scar.

Other Benefits Of Castor Oil for Skin:

Dry Skin
Stretch Marks
Yeast Infections, fungal infections
Warts, Boils, Athlete’s Foot and Chronic itching

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Experts usually recommend that castor oil be used sparingly on the face, in part because of how concentrated it is: using too much can actually cause breakouts and rashes by clogging pores. Most say to start with a freshly washed and dried face to prevent buildup. Using lukewarm water can be helpful for removing impurities, too. Water that is either too hot or too cold can cause the pores to close or shrink up, which makes treatments less effective.

Most skincare specialists also discourage leaving the oil directly on the skin for long stretches of time. General advice is usually to apply a light layer to the face and let it soak in for about five minutes, then rinse it away with cool water to close the pores. A second, very thin layer can then be applied overnight or under makeup. In the morning or at the end of the day, the oil should be removed with a gentle facial soap. This on-and-off routine can help keep the skin supple without inhibiting its ability to naturally regenerate with its own oils and lubricants.

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