Hair Growth Trial Set


Control Hair Loss and Promoting

Hair Growth Result Within 7

Days or Money Back Guarantee

Natural Formulated Hair Growth

Products Suitable For All Hair

Type. Dealing With Hair Loss

Problem from

Early Stage To Stage 3

Stage 3: Hairline has receded further back on the head. The bald patch on your head will have become larger and more noticeable

hair loss stage

*Treating Oily Scalp

*Treating Dandruff

*Enhance Hair Growth

*Control Hair Loss/ Fall

*Prevent Balding

*Revitalization Hair Cells

*Repairing Hair Epidermis

*Prevents Acne (hair follicle inflammation)

*Zero Side-Effects

Hair Growth Trial Set

1 Bottle Hair Growth Shampoo Trial –150ml = $29.00

1 Bottle Hair Growth Tonic Trial – 60ml = $59.00

Limited Time Offer: $59.00 for 2 items

Hair Growth Trial Set

Hair Growth Shampoo

Control Hair Loss And Enhance Hair Growth
Contains natural herbal extracts to remove dead skin /
dandruff, and sebum. It will cleanse and protect your
hair and scalp.

Use Direction – Hair Growth Conditioner

Hair Growth Tonic Spray
(No Need Rinse Off)

Enhance Growth And Sustain New Hair
Natural herbal ingredients: concentrated extract of Ginseng,
Tongkui and more than 30 types of other herbal extracts to
enhance growth and sustenance of new hair and prevention
of dandruff and hair follicle inflammation.

Hair Growth Tonic process of hair growth

Direction : ( Use twice a day )

Step 1 : Wash hair with Hair Growth Shampoo then rinse off.
Step 2 : Towel dry your hair then spray Hair Growth
Tonic Spray onto scalp and leave dry.

Product Ingredients

Mentha Arvensis, Ginger Root Extract ( Zingiber Officinalls )
Arisaema Consanguineum Koidz, Syzgium Aromaticum
Polygunum Multiforum, Angelica Sinensis Powder,
Ginseng Henna, Distilled Water

After the trial product you may use

Hair Growth Home
Care Set for intensive treatment.

( for stage 3)

Super Hair Growth Set for Hair Loss

Stage 4 and 5

Stage 4: hairline has receded to the top of your head. Your bald patch is even bigger . You still have a division line between the two.

Stage 5: no hair at the front of your head. Your hairline has receded to the point where it now starts from the vertex (crown) of your head .

Super Intensive Hair Growth Set for

Hair Loss stage 6 to 7

Stage 6: this dividing line of hair has gone leaving you with just a few strands of hair.

Stage 7: the severest form of hair loss. Little or no hair at the front or on top of the head. Remaining hair around the back of the head, above the ears in a ‘horseshoe’ pattern .

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*Cost involved such like packaging, label and products
shipping .

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