Extremely Soothing Massage Oil


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Main Action for Extremely Soothing Massage Oil

Easily Absorbed By the Skin
Unblock Vital Energies
Release Tension and Reduce Stress
Moisturize, Repair, and Lubricate
Replenishing Dry Skin
Reduce Skin Redness


Extremely Soothing Massage Oil contains a proprietary blend of these carrier oils and essential oils:-


Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Oil, Jojoba Oil.


Extremely Soothing Massage Oil benefits
Extremely Soothing Massage Oil
Extremely Soothing Massage Oil the perfect solution to sensitive and acne skin with benefits of soothing, antiseptic, reduce skin redness, calming and healing.


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Directions of Use for Extremely Soothing Massage Oil


Shower – Apply after shower on entire body for ultimate moisture and skin protection.

Bath – Add to your bath or smooth directly onto your body and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of herbal infusions and aromatherapy deeply softening your skin.

Body Massage – Increased circulation of the blood and lymph flow also assists with the clearing away of toxins from the body.

Reflexology Foot Massage – effective in bringing about a deep state of relaxation, detox , healing and more.

Hair – Massage into scalp before washing for the ultimate healthy shine.

Gua Sha or Scraping Therapy – Gua sha promotes and restores cells, stimulates the cutaneous nerve endings and improves its transmission function. It also promotes the cell’s secretion, renewable and clean function, and accelerates the metabolite ejecting from the sweat pores.


Other Usage Guidelines for Extremely Soothing Massage Oil:

Can Be Added or Mix to Body Lotion
Can Be Added or Mix to Body Mask
Can Be Added or Mix to Body Scrub
Can Be Added or Mix to Body Shampoo
Can Be Added Into the Bathtub/Spa


A full body massage helps remove dead skin cells over the entire body for improved skin tone. The stimulated blood flow benefits the appearance and health of the skin. The massage can also encourage tissue regeneration, which may help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks according to Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Depending on the kind being used, the massage oil may provide moisturizing and other benefits to the skin.


Product Shelf Life : 2 years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sunlight.

Recommended Skin Types: All Skin Type.



$23.00 – 200ml

Size :

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