Natural Ways to Fade Age Spots

Age spot- Natural Ways to Fade Age Spots

Age spots are the one of the beauty problem. Age spots may look appear aged and decrease the beauty of the person. The common causes for the age spots are the increase the age, skin care problems and lack of the vitamin E to skin cell.

Vitamin E does a lot of help in the anti-aging of the skin and face. Take the diet contains the vitamin E as part of it.

Find the home remedies for the age spots and brown spots on the face.

Home remedies for Age spots, Dark spots

*Take the 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with the 1 tbsp of orange juice. Mix the both well. Apply this solution before going to the bed. Dip the cotton ball in the solution and rub on the face for 5 minutes. This facial toner reduces the age spots.

*Turmeric also one of the ingredients to treat the age spots. Take the turmeric and mix with the milk. Apply this paste on the face. Add the sandalwood to the face for the better results.
Apply the curd directly on to the face evenly. Wait for 20 minutes then wash the face. Repeat this process daily for one month to get the desired results.

*Avocado is the one of the best source of the Vitamin E take the ripe avocado into pieces and mesh the ripe avocado now add the vitamin E capsule to the avocado. Apply this mask on the face. This mask prevents the age spots and brown spots on the face.

Alternative Tips : Apply Avocado Essential Oil

*A ripe papaya helps to lighten and treat the age spots. Peel the ripe papaya skin and mesh the two small pieces of papaya and apply that papaya paste on the face. This papaya paste contains the rich vitamin E helps to lighten the age spots.

*Directly apply the olive oil on the face helps to reduce the age spots on the face. The olive oil mix with the avocado a great combination for the aging skin and age spots on the face.

*Take the ½ cup of Bengal grams soak them overnight in water. Now mesh the Bengal gram into fine paste and apply all over the face evenly. Wash the face with the cool water.

*Take the fresh cucumber juice. Dip the cotton ball or cloth in the cucumber juice and rub on the face for 10 minutes then wait for 30 minutes now wash the face with cool water.

*Take the rind of the watermelon and rub on the face for 10 minutes. Watermelon has the capability of reducing the age spots.

*Take the 2 tbsp of apple cider juice with 1 tbsp of lemon juice.Apply this solution on the face with the cotton ball as toner for the face. The toner prevents the age spots on the face.

Age spots on the cheeks, noses are the result of the prolonged exposure to the sun causing irregular distribution of skin pigmentation. These spots are an obstacle against flawless skin you desire for. If you wish to look forever young, simply follow these home remedies. These are completely natural and free of any side effect.

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