Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil


Best Essential Oils For Skin Lightening

Reduce Pigmentation

Main Action of Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil

Powerful Antioxidants
Diminish Discoloration
Rejuvenates Dull and Dry Skin
Skin Regeneration
Natural Vitamin C and E
Visibly Improving Skin’s Clarity and Skin Tone

Skin pigmentation is an extremely common problem suffered by people from across the world. It might not be a severe health problem posing a threat to your life, but it can be a cause of embarrassment for you. There are, however, home remedies that can act as a savior and help lighten or remove the pigmentation on your face.

Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil is special blend of different pure essential oils and allows each oil to work on different levels in its own unique way.
This mixture is an effective remedy for removing pigmentation from the face and other parts of the body.

Skin Regeneration

Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil Blend contains a proprietary blend of these essential oils:-

Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil

Cucumber Essential OilVery helpful in reducing skin pigmentation fades freckles and blemishes. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil -works wonders for skin brightening. It is the most popular oil that is used in various types of skin care products. Sandalwood essential oil has anti-aging properties; it rejuvenates dull and dry skin. It moisturises dehydrated skin and it has a soothing effect on the skin. Sandalwood essential oil has astringent properties, thus it is used as a skin tightening agent. It removes excessive oil from the skin to make it look brighter and softer.

Aloe Vera Essential oil – Aloe Vera effectively treats pigmented skin, clears dark spots and blemishes, resulting in the older skin cells to slough off, thus leaving us with clearer-looking and rejuvenated skin.

Intensive Pigmentation Reducing treatment Oil

Lemon Essential Oil – Lemon is one of the best natural skin brighteners out there. Its high citric acid content effectively exfoliates the skin and lightens and brightens hyper-pigmentation after just a few uses.

Jojoba Essential Oil – This oil used to lighten and fade acne scars and pigmentation. Even those with sensitive skin can safely use jojoba oil as it is hypoallergenic and hence does not trigger any irritation or sensitivity.

Bergamot Essential Oil – Bergamot is a natural antiseptic meaning that it encourages wound healing and skin regeneration. If you have old acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, or even cold sores, this oil can help the skin heal faster. Even better, it can help prevent new scars and fade old ones. In fact, bergamot is a reputed treatment for scars and stretch marks, as it helps regulate the distribution of skin’s natural pigment,melanin, while evening out skin tone.

Suggested Usage for Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil

Pour 5 to 10 drops of Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil between hands and massage gently onto cleansed face and neck for 5 minutes before moisturizing.
Use twice daily apply it to the face, neck and chest area.

How to apply Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil
Skin care routine steps for essential oils - Copy

Other Usage Guidelines for Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil

Can Be Added or Mix to Skin Cream or Skin Lotion
Can Be Added or Mix to Body Cream or Body Lotion
Can Be Added or Mix to Face Mask or Body Mask
Can Be Added or Mix to Face or Body Scrub
Can Be Added or Mix to Massage Cream or Massage Oils
Can Be Added Into Facial Toner
Blending with Others Essential Oils
Ingredients for Homemade Skin Care
Ingredients for Homemade Soap

Product Shelf Life :

2 years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sunlight.

Recommended Skin Types:
All Skin Types

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Reduce Pigmentation


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61 thoughts on “Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Oil

  1. Hi there,

    I am looking into buying “organic cold pressed cucumber essential oil”, where do you think I can find this particular oil.
    Hope to hear from you soon, thank you.

  2. I want to order this kind of oil.Intensive pegmentation reducing oil,etc.or maybe i will type more of kind of oil i want to order..thank u.

  3. Hi I have acne prone skin and melasma I want fade the dark marks and have a spot free face. But I don’t want any bleaching cream but at the same time I want to maintain my complexion please what can you suggest or prescribe. Look forward to your advice

  4. I am into cosmetics business (sales) in Nigeria (Lagos)and i am thrilled with the composition of your product and what it does to the skin. I will like to be your Agent/Distributor in Nigeria. Please let me know the procedures. Thank you. Adeola John. +2348025358899

  5. i have an average colour but i uses many creams and now my skin becomes dark what i doo this oil is hloful to back up my skin to ligjten

    • Hi…may i know what creams you used for your skin..If the products is natural it will make your skin better not worse.
      Don’t worry…iam here to help and care. Please let me know more about the procucts you used. Thanks

  6. Pls I used to be light skin but got dark. Can I use d lemon essential oil to achieve my light skin in few weeks. Look forward to ur response

  7. I have an average colour, I do apply caro white on my skin now I’m dark what is d right cream to use I’m in Nigeria.I’m in my early twentys

  8. Hello, I’m Emmanuel from Onitsha Nigeria.
    I have stubborn discolouration on my hands/knuckles, dark elbows, knees and toes which was as a result of harmful body soaps and creams I used, though herbal, but left me with such problems. I want to know if you have remedy to my problem, because I’ve tried certain treatments like flori’s duo peel, etc, yet goes and comes back again.
    I will be much delighted if my desire is being met here permanently with your Intensive pigmentation reducing oil or any other product/s.
    Thank You

  9. can I use lavender oil instead of sandalwood, likewise grape seed oil instead of bergamot oil. Pls what’s the measurement for mixing all the oils?

  10. Hi Sara, i’m interested in getting this oil. I m 42 and have melasma on both cheeks and nose. Haved tried laser and on prescribe pigmentation cream from a skin doctor but still not very much improved. Do u think this will work for me? I’m also having oil/milia seeds around the eye area. Do u think i can apply the oil around eye area?

    • Laser will make your skin sensitivity to the sun and during the laser is used to dissolve the molecular bonds of the damaged skin cells layer.It is strongly not recommended.

      Essential oil is harmless and very effective for pigmentation problems. May i know do you have any health issue or do you under long-term medication?

  11. Dear Sara,
    Can you please recommend the best for me:
    I am 43yrs with brown hair and fair to medium skin tone. i have very good skin for my age – but i live in sub tropical climate in Australia (and my father has red hair – so i am prone to pigmentation – especially now due to sun – which i try to stay out of)
    My concerns are:
    FACE – mild pigmentation (from sun) with a few darker spots.. should i order your Intensive Pigmentation Reducing oil for all over the face, neck and decolletage AND also your lemon oil over the TOP of the previous oil an just on the few brown spots that i have?
    EYES – fine lines and wrinkles starting .. what to use around eyes?
    BODY – what oil to add to natural moisturiser for ultimate moisture and anti-aging for supple skin – carrot oil do you think ?
    I also have sun damage on body (much more than face) .. maybe argan oil or baobab?
    what do you recommend here and how should i apply or layer your products – it what order – please advise and thank you so very much in advance, kind regards Lucie xx

  12. Hi,
    I have dark skin, looking to whiten my skin over time, not to dramatic though, does this product work for that type of thing?

  13. Hi. I’m a 26 years old living in Lome, Togo. I’ve been battling acne since 13 yrs old. I’ve managed to reduce the pimples through series of treatment, o.t.cs, natural beauty skin care and diet. But now the black spots on my face won’t go and I don’t want to use any aggressive cream as my face is already lighter than the body. Now I want to clear my facial spots and maintain uniform body and face skin tone. I’m not necessarily looking for whitening but uniform. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help?

  14. Dear Sara, thanks for all the wonderful Info here. Im 57 years old; my skin is well looked after, no wrinkles yet; but I have dark patches of hyperpigmentation on my forehead and on both cheeks; that makes me look tired. I would like to have eventoned skin all over my face. Im making my own facial products thats why my skin still look good except for the dark brown patches. I live in South Africa; I have not come accross cucumber oil yet, but have most of the other oils as you suggest for skin brightening and lightening of skin. I would like to have you recipe for my brown patches on my face.Thanks so much in advance. please emaill me. Regards Portia.

  15. I have been using the oil 2 times a week and I haven’t seen any results; Other people cant tell the difference either.

    • Please use daily for better result.

      Pigmentation can be caused due to genetics, smoking, sun exposure, stress, fluctuating hormones caused by pregnancy and or by birth control pills, menopause, insulin resistance, damage to the skin due to injury or overly aggressive skin care treatment or frequent use of hair dyes.

      Photocontact dermatitis caused by henna dyes or tattooing can result in residual hyperpigmentation. Liver damage can also cause several types of skin discoloration, commonly referred to as liver spots.

      Long-term use of the medication such as high blood or diabetes can cause skin pigment too.
      Find out what is the cause of your pigmentation, you will get better improvement .

  16. As I’m dark complexion I want to become fair complexion within 2 weeks so which essential oil s better results for skin whitening

    • Dear Sangeetha,

      You need more than 2 week, treatments differ depending on what type and the level of pigmentation is affecting your skin.

  17. Hi Sara can i mix lemon oil, sandalwood oil, carrot seed oil and jojoba oil for skin lightening? after my acne has cleared by help of acntane, my face turnt darker.

    • Dear,
      Adding lemon essential oil to your already existing beauty products is the
      EASIEST way to lighten your skin without much work. Add up to 10 – 15 drops
      of lemon essential oil per 100 ml of body lotion
      to moisturize your skin while lightening it at the same time!

  18. Dear sara pls am fair in complextion, and I have dark spot on my toes due to harsh cream I used, I have tried everything to remove them bt to no avail, pls which of the oil can I use to clear it and as well mix it in my nivea body lotion to maintain my colour?

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