7 Split Ends Natural Home Remedies

Home remedies to repair split ends

The human body is adorned with the grace and beauty of hair. They are constant victims of dust, pollution, wind and some beauty products like gels, straighteners, curlers, and dyes. Regular use of these artificial tools tends to destroy hair and make them dry with split ends.

1- Mustard oil and castor oil remedy
Mix the castor oil and mustard oil in equal amounts. Massage this oil on the hair, split ends also. Cover the hair with a wrapper like towel. Then take hair bath.

2- Olive oil home remedies
Slightly heated olive oil apply on the hair. This works as conditioner for the hair. It treats the spilt ends.

3- Vitamin E capsule home remedies
Take the vitamin E capsule and make it as fine powder add few drops of water to it. Apply this mix on the split ends of hair. Get the good results.

4- Almond oil home remedies
Apply the natural essential oils like almond oil , coconut oil at the split ends gives the relief from the split ends.

5- Jojoba oil
Many people are still unaware that Jojoba oil is a wonderful home remedy for the split ends over your hair. You can use this home remedy in various ways. Either this can be applied over your hair in the raw form and slowly massage your hair or you can mix it with your shampoo and go ahead with shampooing of your hair. Do this on a regular basis and stay away from split ends.

6- Avocado Oil
Avocado oil is an excellent agent to nourish the hair enhances growth of thick lustrous hair. Apply it on the scalp and massage. Rinse then shampoo the hair after half an hour.

7- Argan Oil
Argon oil helps in treating several problems of hair like dull, dry, frizzy hair and hair with split ends. Simply massage the hair with argon oil.

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